Islamiah College Learning Management System is an online learning environment that assists you to locate vertical learning behavior and activities related to your studies from anywhere anytime using internet access. This enables you to build a private learning freedom with online facility and a bundle of attractive activities and material. You will have flexibility of course options through individual online login such as course selection, Quiz , Assignments, and Youtube lectures a complete platform of cloud based learning without any mobile based application. This enables and empowers the students to strengthen their learning levels to achieve their goals.

What is ICLMS?

ICLMS is a new way of teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools in one place. Start your E-Learning project in minutes and instantly deliver E-Learning content to learners worldwide. This Learning Management System has a User Friendly and highly Customizable Interface. It is quick to implement, customizable, scalable and compatible across desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Student Self-Registration

Enable student self-registration for new students. With this option each student creates their own profile by filling in a registration form. The system automatically emails username and password to the student and administration gets notified as well through email.